One Year Home - Marie Force

One Year Home

By Marie Force

  • Release Date: 2019-08-06
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 386 Ratings


He came home a hero and lost the only woman he’s ever loved...

I have no idea how to survive without my beloved Ava. She had no choice but to move on with her life during my six-year deployment and has now married Eric. I hate him for taking her from me. I’d prefer to wallow in my depression and heartbreak, but the whole damned world wants a piece of the SEAL Team leader who helped capture the world’s most-wanted terrorist. I need help handling the relentless requests, and when Ava sends her new sister-in-law to manage the media circus for me, I’m prepared to hate her on principle. Her brother took my Ava. What else do I need to know about her?

It takes five seconds to realize Ava’s ex is going to be the most complicated and difficult client I’ve ever had, but the opportunity to represent the most celebrated man in the world could make my career. I’m determined to do the job, even if I dislike John from the moment I meet him. And I like everyone. So much so that my brothers worry about me being exploited by those who would take advantage of my unwavering love for others. But John… He’s in a class by himself, and his bitterness is a festering wound that I begin to wish I could somehow fix for him. The more time we spend together, the more our mutual disdain morphs into something that feels an awful lot like desire. There’s no way I can want this man, or so I tell myself, and when Eric finds out I’ve developed feelings for the man causing trouble in his new marriage, well…

That’s going to be a hot mess.

The hotly anticipated follow up to Five Years Gone is here! Praise for Five Years Gone:

"I will never be the same after reading this book." 5 stars from As You Wish Reviews

"There is not a doubt in my mind that this book will be one of the top books of 2018 for me." --5 stars, Julie from Hey Girl HEA

"A gut-wrenching emotional roller coaster, Five Years Gone was an incredibly moving novel about the sacrifices we make for the ones we love." --4.5 star review from Harlequin Junkie

"The stars take turns telling the fast-paced story from their points of view in Force's hard-to-put-down tale." --review from Booklist

"Five Years Gone is a story of loss, love, and above all strength. I am in awe with this book and cannot get it out of my head. MUST READ FOR 2018!" --5 stars from Crystal's Book World

"Force entices with heartbreak, but inspires with tales of courageous sacrifice and hope. If truth is more powerful than fiction, Ms. Force blurs the line between the two." --5 Stars from Isha Coleman

"An incredible moving novel. This story is all about the characters, and what wonderful, developed characters they are. Story is told in multiple POV and it gives you all the feels. This is a gut-wrenching rollercoaster that leaves you feeling for the characters ...feelings of heartbreak as well happiness and hope. I'm eagerly awaiting the sequel to this brilliantly told story." --5 stars from Lisa at Comfy Chair Books


  • One Year Home

    By New2passion
    Praise to Marie Force! She has given our Hero John West a piece of paradise upon his return. So happy he and Jules found each other and got their happy ever after. Marie has a way with words that drew me in so deep to this story that I couldn’t put it down, couldn’t do anything other than turn the pages and read and be awed !!! Absolutely everything she writes has a collection of characters that are so well defined that I am able to keep up and form a relationship with each person as if I am part of the story. This story is her best yet ever book. This story should be made into a movie.
  • One Year Home

    By GinaLev
    An amazing book by Marie Force to complete the story from Five Years Gone!!!!
  • Awesome!

    By KLTS21
    I read this and at first found it difficult because of his and Ava’s issues. But as always, Marie pulled her expected stunning story to a wonderful climax. I love the twists and turns and highly recommend reading the two stories in sequence. Awesome and amazing!
  • Warning!!

    By KarKar571
    One Year Home should come with a warning label. “Do not start reading this unless you have time to read the entire book!” I couldn’t put this down until I found out how it would end!! I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see how these complex feelings by so many characters would resolve. Thank you again Marie for sharing your talent with us. Another wonderful book!!
  • Disappointing ending

    By jennK007
    Caution - spoiler alert I really wanted Ava and john to find their way back to each other. All the build and anticipation lead to an anticlimactic ending.
  • Fabulous from tragic start to wonderful ending!

    By gingin615
    Outstanding! This author always give you a story you can sink your teeth into and come out the other side just a little different. This story is exceptional. The emotions were flying with the tragedy of the heroic John coming home physically impaired to find the love of his life gone. One is a killer but the two together have this magnificent hero fighting to recover from both and it is inspirational and heartbreaking. John's struggles as a returning war hero rang true and had me twisted with sadness for his plight especially with the media attention. Who can blame him for his bad attitude? But it brings the wonderful Julianne into his life to deal with the media. She's bright, sympathetic and just lovely with a little steel to her personality that's she needs to deal with the prickly John. I loved the twist of her being a part of John's ex's life. Bring on the complications! These characters are spectacular and their journey is so heartfelt and captivating as they get to know each other with the challenging obstacles they face alone and together. Marie Force has given us another truly powerful story with a broken hero so layered with heroism, strength and sexiness, and when he finally sees what's in front of him instead of what's behind him he is heart melting. And there stands the beautiful, patient Julianne. These two had my heart thumping! I have to give a shoutout to Muncie. Love him too. There are not enough stars for this story. Loved it! I voluntarily reviewed an ARC.
  • Utterly Amazed!

    By Grinandstampit
    What an incredible and heart wrenching story. I felt on the edge of my seat throughout “Five Years Gone” and anxiously awaited “One Year Home”. But I am utterly amazed at the talents of Marie Force and the beautiful book she has written. Her characters have captured by heart as she revealed the healing of her characters. This is truly a MUST READ book and worthy of 10 stars.
  • Finding love and happiness again

    A fantastic read to me is when I finish and close the book and days later, I’m still involved in the story. With One Year Home (as well as Five Years Gone), I’m still deeply affected by the feelings from the journey Marie Force took me on. I’m not an observer of the story, I’m part of it. I’m right there with the characters, feeling all the deep feels. It’s a moving, emotional, and character driven read. A wonderful romance featuring a broken military hero who everyone wants a piece of yet just wants to be left alone to wallow in his heartache and physical pain. Julianne is sent in to help with the media chaos. She soon sees why Ava had waited five years before moving on. John and Julianne’s mutual dislike soon morphs into a life changer for both of them. After reading Five Years Gone, I wasn’t sure how Marie could get a believable HEA for John. Marie definitely nailed it! Note: If you haven’t read Five Years Gone, I recommend that you do that before reading this one.
  • It’s angsty…but some of us love that!

    By ChrisIsEpic1
    I’m a huge Marie Force fan. Maybe not a superfan because I haven’t read all of her books…but I have read almost all of them. And there’s a reason I’ve read so many. She does a great job writing a variety of tropes within the romance genre. One of her books will usually suit just about any mood I’m in. So…are you in the mood for some really angsty romance? If you aren’t, you need to skip this book. If you are––read on! While technically you can read One Year Home as a standalone (there’s enough backstory in it without being an information dump), I highly recommend you read Five Years Gone before you pick this one up. You are not going to want to miss how this all started. John is America’s hero. A very, very reluctant one. He’s still reeling after losing his leg while chasing down the worst of the worst terrorist leader and losing the love of his life because of his service…and because of his lies. Julianne is his new publicist––and his ex’s new sister-in-law. There is no way a relationship can ever work between these two. Or can it? At the end of Five Years Gone, my heart literally broke for John. He made some big mistakes with Ava, but he owned up to them, and I really, really wanted to see him get his happily ever after. Every hero deserves their HEA, right?! So how in the world was Marie Force going to make this right for him? Her answer: In the most angsty, convoluted way ever! I love John’s character, but I freaking adore Julianne’s. She’s this quiet, capable, steady presence that he doesn’t realize he needs in his life. And she’s loyal to him. Not one other character, except maybe Muncie, is truly loyal to John. While they might like and respect him, they are genuinely torn in other directions. And a true American hero deserves nothing less than a heroine who loves him just the way he is and is loyal to him––and only him. NICUnurse’s Rating: Again let me say that if you do not enjoy an angsty romance, this is NOT the book for you. But if you do…you are going to devour it like it’s your first meal in years. While it totally ripped my heart out in places, I can happily report that by the end, Marie Force had carefully knitted my shattered heart back together and we all lived happily ever after! (OK, maybe not me. But the characters, yes.) I give One Year Home by Marie Force 5 out of 5 stars!